Security Shells Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Why SSI?:

We constantly strive hard to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the following areas:

- Strong Pre-Sales activity to help our Partners to offer detailed & consolidated solution to their End Users.

- Strong Support Structure to facilitate our Partners to 'Stand Straight' in front of their End Users in case a need arises.

- Hardware is part of the whole solution portfolio which involves Electronic components. Nobody in the world can guarantee of non-failure of the Electronics. There might be failures in the hardware, but we want to work towards & have a strong / robust support structure so that our partners can support their End Users at any levels & with agreed SLA's.

- More focus on the Communication. May it be an interactive video to guide through the installation process to an exhaustive User Manual for each product & solution that we develop. This will help our partners to gain confidence in the solutions as we are with that 'Installation Engineer', 'Sales Person' virtually to guide him during the process.

- 'Innovation Club' is an activity that is carried out within SSI every week wherein every individual within the organization has to showcase an innovative Idea. May it be an innovative product, solution, service or any activity within the organization. This helps us to provide futuristic products / solutions and to increase efficiency in whatever we do.