Security Shells Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Security Shells was incorporated in 2010 in Pune, Maharashtra, India with a vision to provide Identity & Access Management Solutions to its customers spanning in different verticals from industrial & manufacturing, IT/ITES, Government & Defence Institutions, banks & financial Institutions, logistic businesses, education Institutions and hospitality Industry.

In Sept 2013, the organization was renamed as 'Security Shells Infotech Pvt. Ltd.' revamping the operations & building team to develop further applications in Identity & Access Management domain and expanding its footprints nationally in new geographical areas.

Security shells is incorporated by the people sharing the common vision towards providing fool proof security solutions to its customers with strong domain knowledge in Identity & Access Management.

Lot of security solutions are developed to secure a Premise may it be Access Control, Fire Detection & Alarm, Intrusion detection etc. But for any organization & cutting across all verticals, "Identity" also plays a crucial role. Its the people only who work in the Premises of the organization may it be 'Internal' OR 'External'.

At SSI, Identity is the core & all the developed applications / solutions would be revolving around securing that 'Identity'.