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SSI Launches iCafe :

iCafe is a Cashless Canteen Management Solution designed to simplify and enhance Canteen  engagement by eliminating the tedious activities related to cash reconciliation, menu management, user debit management and order processing.

iCafe facilitates swift operation for Vendor Management, Tenant Management, Order Management and Reporting.

iCafe is been designed keeping in mind the “Multi-tenant facilities” wherein there is a premise owner (who owns the facility and also provides facility services to the tenants), with multiple tenants (companies) occupying the facility and with multiple vendors (Café Coffee Day, Subway, etc.) occupying a common / large cafeteria to provide food services to all the employees / users of all the tenants within the facility.

iCafe consist of different modules and functionalities with its unique features.

Key modules:
 Admin module (Super admin for premise / Facility owner)
 Tenant module (Admin user for the company / tenant)
 Vendor module (Admin user for the Caterer / Vendor)

Key Features & benefits
 Centralized, Flexible, Expandable architecture.
 supports multiple card technologies.
 Minimizes risks by providing cashless transactions.
 SMS and Email alters on transactions
 Secured authentication and authorization on transactions using only PIN OR CARD + PIN
 Allows managing multiple tenants and vendors.
 Bulk import of Employees
 Reduce manual efforts of HR in Cafeteria Management.
 Enables setting of rules /Formulae on tax transaction.
 Facilitates to set and manage Menus periodically.
 Enables to audit of transactions using reports independently.
 Facilitates hassle free Order transactions.
 Timely balance updates/ limits settings
 Intelligent Reporting
 User friendly
 Simple and easy deployment for multi tenant facilities as well as for individual companies.

"Provides Cafeteria Management Solution for...."

  •  Banking
  •  Pharma
  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Large University Campuses
  •  Large Residential Premises (Smart Cities)
  •  Manufacturing and IT/ITES

Security Shells Info Tech along with its team will keep providing security solutions to its customers with strong domain knowledge in Identity & Access Management for all the verticals as its ‘Identity’, is the core & all the developed applications / solutions would be revolving around securing that 'Identity'.