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12th July 2014 :

Security Shells Infotech (SSI) an OEM Partner to HID Participated at the “HID Exclusive Consultant conclave” at The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino, Goa, on 11th & 12th July 2014 to discuss & showcase solutions around ‘Smart Integrated Security IP Platform’.

This event was to showcase integrated solutions like Access Control, Time Attendance, Visitor Management & Vehicle Tracking solutions, Cafeteria management solutions, exclusively for Consultants and specifiers to discuss Smart Integrated Security on IP Platform

Security Shells Infotech (SSI) an OEM partner to HID has developed applications on HID controller & smart card technology platform.

SSI showcased following Solution portfolio's:

  1. > iSecure - Web based Access Control & Time Attendance Platform,
  2. > iMonitor- Laptop & User Authentication Solution,
  3. > iConverge – Logical Access – Location based Authentication,
  4. > iTrace – Web Based Visitor Management Solution,
  5. > iCafe – Web Based Cafeteria Management Solution,
  6. > Wireless ‘Aperio Lock’ Integration on ‘iSecure’ Platform,
  7. > iAcess - Vehicle Access using Dual Authentication, integrated with HID Controller (vertX & Edge) Hardware,


This event was a great success as Consultants from all over India attended this event & were able to go through the integrated solution Platform.

This is a great step taken by HID India to have these kinds of event for Consultants as multiple Partners were able to showcase 'Integrated Access Control & CCTV Platform'. Lots of events happen but those which happen in Solo environment bring in an opportunity to the OEM partners to showcase their own products.

Seamless Integration is a need of today as Security Alerts need to be generated in real time so that actions can be taken to secure the premise.

HID Consultant Conclave is a great platform to showcase Integrated solutions to Consultants wherein everybody was able to see the integration 'Live' rather than having the integration just on paper.