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iTrack :

  • Overview:

    iTrack uses a combination GPRS and GPS unit to track your vehicles in real time using geometric maps through iTrack website. Lets you to set user defined routes with user defined stops across those routes for an organization's transport vehicles. Helps in monitoring unnecessary use of your vehicles, promote safer driver habits among your drivers, and curb wasted travel time. Facilitates monitoring of vehicles in terms of schedule and routes with geo-fencing while sending SMS alerts in case of undesired activities. It's a very comprehensive product that allows you to deal with the following issues:

  •   Real time tracking of vehicles.
    • Employee security.
    • Sudden changes to transport schedule due to change in shift timings.
    • Driver monitoring.
    • Reducing transportation costs.
    • Employees address changes.
    • Monitor if drivers are following speed limit regulations.

    iTrack caters the need of a wide array of customers ranging from Schools, cabs, Transport, Cash vans, ambulance, homeland security etc.

    Key Features & Benefits:

      Log of vehicle movement, Vehicle speed, Door status, no. of attendees in vehicle using RFID Data. Vehicle update gets after every 30 sec.
    • SMS tracking in case of unavailability of GPRS network.
    • Door Lock/Unlock Control using SMS.
    • If the vehicle enters the underground parking or some other places without GPS signals, it will report the last position tracked, Data storage in case of unavailability of GPRS network. 
    • Instant emergency reporting from vehicle operator.
    • Uses vehicle's battery. So, no need for an external battery.
    • Easy installation of hardware, without damaging the original Vehicle circuit.


    Users can select report as per the application area and need. Following types of reports are generated by the iTrack system:

      GPS Failure: If GPS gets disconnected it will be show in the report and user can track his vehicle through SMS.

    Route violation: User can select their own route and assign that particular route to the defined driver. If driver fails to follow the route, report will be generated at the PC end that driver has violated the assigned route.

    Speed violation: User can set speed limit, if the set speed limit has been violated by driver, speed violation report will be generate at PC end.

    Stoppage Point Report
             Easy to know at what time vehicle has stopped.
             Total time duration on stoppage point.
             User can set message alert on stoppage point to predefined number.

    History Data: User can have access to history of all vehicles route data. There is no limit for data storage as all data is stored in the data base.

    Total KM: Total kilometres driven in the journey shows in this report.

    Driver Attendance: Admin can easily know which driver is assigned for which vehicle.

    RFID Report: Passengers attendance can be taken with the help of RFID users.

      • Door Status Report: If door is open that means driver has left the vehicle, if door is closed then it means that driver is still present in the vehicle.

      Technical Specifications:

        • Operating Voltage: 12/24 VDC @ 50mA vehicle battery.
        • Maximum Operating voltage: 36VDC.
        • Antenna: External.
        • Web server:  Own Web server.
        • Web connectivity: GPRS (Any Service provider like Idea, Airtel, BSNL,etc).
        • Dimensions: 100 X 70 X 30 mm.
        • Unit Weight: 350g.
        • Easy to install (any vehicle electrician can do).
        • Only 1 main control unit.

      System Architecture: