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iMonitor - Laptop Tracking Solutions:


Every organization has a number of devices that are valuable resources, and needs protection. These devices, for instance Laptop, may contain crucial and confidential data.

An Organization’s data is as important as the people in the organization. It’s the result of the tough grind efforts that the employees have taken in order to impel the organization towards achieving its ultimate goals.

Utmost care needs to be taken so that the data does not get into wrong hands and that it’s not exposed, misplaced or possibly stolen. As such damages may never be completely recovered.

iMonitor is a solution that ensures assets protection through processes like device authentication, personalized card allocation and record management. Using iMonitor, through authentication, ensures an organization that all its allocated devices stay with the rightful holder/carrier.

Use of iMonitor will also save time on supervision and authentication thereby increasing the employees’ productivity. 

Two options for the handheld are:  
  Terminal without LCD Display & Keypad
Terminal with LCD Display & Keypad

Process Flow:

    • All the employee’s & Laptops will be having HID Proximity Cards.
    • The employee ID & respective Laptop IDs will be uploaded in the Handheld    Terminal once the handheld is connected to the system centrally (using    TCP/IP or USB connectivity).
    • Employee can swipe his card at the terminal & then swipe the Laptop card.
    • If both the ID's are matched as stored in the Terminal, authentication is    granted & transaction is stored in the Handheld device’s memory.     (Transaction information will be sent to the server in real time mode in case    of GPRS enabled device).

Key Features:

    • Identification activities
    Creating a master database of Laptops.
    • Creating a master database of Employees.
    • Assigning Laptops to Employees :
    Individual assignment.
  • Group assignment.
    Transaction activities
     Record loss of a Laptop.
    •  Transfer a Laptop to stock/scrap.
    •  Re-issue Laptop and/or Employee tags.


Automatically keeps a log of the movement of laptops and employees.  Analytical and informative reports are generated from the Asset Tracking database, to assist organizations in gaining control over their Assets.



    System Architecture:

    • Real-time audit and traceability.
    • Improved manageability through a single unified Laptop    registration system across multiple sites.
    •  Ensures that the asset and the data are protected, by    identifying that the right person is made to take the assigned    laptop.
    •  Increase in productivity, as employees do not wait for    authentication of laptop.
    •  Automatically keeps a log of all movement of laptop and    employees.
    • Dissuades employees from swapping or exchanging laptops.
    •  Regulates flow of certain restricted laptops across the    organization.
    •  Reduces supervision cost of assets.
      •  Tracking helps, in easy identification and location of assets,    during audits.