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iGuard Tour System:


Patrolling is an important aspect of maintaining security in every industry today.

Security is a very important aspect in verticals viz. Banking, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Education, Large University Campus, Large Residential Premise (Smart Cities), Manufacturing, IT/ITES Data centres, etc. to secure organisation premise.

This is where security guards play an important role in guarding the premise of the organisation.

Patrolling the perimeter ensures that there is no security breach and the organisation premise are secure.

Although the guards are bound to their duties, at night they often tend to overlook the importance of performing all the security checks at vulnerable areas within the premise.

SSI iGuard (Guard Tour Monitoring Solution) ensures that security guards perform their patrolling duties as per the designated patrolling route and within defined time.

There are 3 Components to the iGuard Solution:
  • Handheld Terminals for the Guards
  • Tags (Stations) to be installed at regular intervals along the periphery (on the    Boundary walls)of the organization
  • Application Software for MIS reporting.

Process Flow:

    • The iGuard Terminal is assigned to the Guard (at the start of the Shift) using  the iGuard application Software.
    • The Route details with the Time Band are updated in the terminal for that respective Guard.
    • Before the Usage, the guard flashed his HID ID Card to start the Tour.
    • The Guard has to flash the terminal at all the iGuard Tags (installed at the Boundary walls) according to Route allocated.
    • The iGuard Terminal is docked at the central location (using USB) to connect to the central application software to download the Transactions.

Key Features & Benefits:

    • There is an indication on the iGuard Terminal for the route violation & when the Time is extended from the allocated timing for that route.
    • All the Time Stamps are recorded (even in case the Guard swipes on the tag outside his scheduled Route) for Audit Trail.
    • Guard Swipes the Card at the iGuard Terminal to ensure that he is carrying the same Terminal which is allocated to him.
    • The Application Software captures all the anomalies which are required during Audit Trails.

    System Architecture: