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SSI iSecure Access Control :

In Access Control System, when a credential is presented to a reader, the reader sends the credential’s information (usually a number) to a control panel, through a highly reliable processor. The controller then compares the credential's number to the pre-assigned access group and then grants/denies access based on the presented request by sending a transaction log to a database.
When an access is denied based on the access group, the door remains locked. If there is a match between the credential and the access group, the controller operates a relay that in turn unlocks the door.
SSI iSecure access control application has the SMS control facility to inform to the authorized person immediately about proxy punching if, an unauthorized person or unknown credential is presented to a reader. 
Also SSI iSecure Access Control application has the facility to open all doors as well as particular door in case of emergency from remote location through single SMS if the authorized person is out of company premises.

SMS Control:
This feature is used if the operator wants to receive SMS for every invalid transaction of a particular door for unauthorized access. This will help the organization to Track/Trace the unauthorized person with the single SMS.

Case 1: Unknown card number:
Any number on the card if is not registered in the Database then, the information about the unauthorized access will be sent though SMS to the numbers registered in the Database which will be shown in the format as described below:
Access Denied-Card No: 02F21B68 Time: 20-12-2013 12:27:22

Case 2: Known card number:
If the Card number is registered in the Database but if the user is not authorized the access through that door then the following SMS will be sent on the numbers registered in the database.
Access Denied-Card No: 02F21A31 Name: SHYAM Time: 20-12-2013 12:28:25
Operator can set any combination of doors from below window for which he wants Access denied SMS for the unauthorized user.